QQ.gw Memorial FAQ

How do you find out the skills?

Most skills are written down from observe mode. In rare cases, builds are submitted by the players themselves.

How do I add builds?

Click here to add a build.

How do I write down skills?

You can use paw·ned² for that. Run Guild Wars in window mode and move paw·ned² to a place where you can see both, player name and skills cast. Also make sure to disable the automatic camera.
Please note that while you can use multiple tab windows at once in paw·ned² by clicking the second-to-last button in the menu bar, there are some bugs and limitations: You cannot move skills between different tabs and copying template codes sometimes copies other stuff from other tab instead, so you better maximize the build windows when done with writing down skills.

Do I have to put my name in the credits box?


How do I get the names of Asian guilds?

You can copy the name and territory from the ladder. If you are submitting the build of a guild that is not listed on that website, you can do one of the following:
1. If you only need the tag, you can enter the guild name on the ladder website. It will return a link to a website with the tag even if the guild is not listed.
2. Take a screenshot of the guild name (with maximum interface size if possible) in the observe mode window, cut everything away but the guild name in question, invert colors and upload the picture here. Set the language to the language of the territory and confirm the output with method 1.

Player names can be retrieved by clicking on the player and pressing Ctrl+Return.

What’s the ObsTool?

A GWCA-based tool that records builds from players. Despite the name, this works in normal matches as well. The latter may be considered cheating, so the tool is not generally available. Please direct any questions to its creator, Stark Life.

How do I edit builds?

Builds that have not yet been unlocked can be edited by a link you will be given after saving your build. Builds that are released to the public can only be edited by admins. Feel free to contact any admin for corrections on your own and other people’s submissions.

Who are the admins of this website?

Name IGN Development Content Focus
Яedeemer (Janni) Herd U Liek Mesmerz Original programming, design, adding new features Gimmick builds, mAT finals, underdog wins
Stark Stark Life ObsTool
Koira (Godly) V E R Y N I C E Adding videos, fixing descriptions
Akemi (editing as A.) Akemi On Tour Stuff based on skill usage charts on the official website

Additional thanks to: aRTy, CHIJO, Enso – and all the anonymous editors

What’s your privacy policy?

This server does not log anything and this website does not use cookies. Only if you submit a build, the entered information and a timestamp are saved. You may submit builds anonymously.

However, YouTube videos are embedded on pages with the TV icon on the index pages, so you may want to review their privacy policy.