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Number of Builds55

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11 Jan 2020AT01256333#55 O V E R H Y D R A T I O N [RIP]🏆71665333#57 Reloaded Team [rT]
12 Jan 2020AT10295333#31 The Monstars Mean Team [Mean]🏆01265333#75 Reloaded Team [rT]
16 Jan 2020AT10224333#31 The Monstars Mean Team [Mean]02552338#47 O V E R H Y D R A T I O N [RIP]🏆
18 Jan 2020mAT Final76665333#47 자hese 1337 Skillz Go To [y소wn]10245333#68 W으rld War 3 [리이리이]🏆